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The Predator range of Motorcycle Batteries and Powersports Batteries has one of Australia’s most comprehensive ranges to withstand Australian conditions. This range is the best suitable OEM replacement for many makes and models with its quality battery construction.  

Made by world-leading motorcycle battery manufacturers, Predator Motorcycle & Powersport batteries offer the enthusiast a truly world-class battery at a value-for-money price. In addition, the range comes with an Australian-backed 12 months replacement warranty.   

The Ultra hi-performance Predator X-series batteries have been designed to replace American V Twin motorcycles batteries. Because of the higher cranking and non-spill design, they are also perfect for Jet Skies. 

Looking for an economical battery with superior starting power, high reserve capacity and long-lasting life, you can’t surpass the Predator X series. So whether it is out on the open road or the open sea.



  • American V Twin motorcycles 
  • Powersports 
  • Jet ski’s 
  • High cranking motorcycles 
  • Japanese motorcycles 
  • European motorcycles 


  • SSB YTX18L-BS 
  • SSB RTX18L-BS 
  • SSB  
  • Yuasa  Y50-N18L-A-CX   
  • Century  
  • Varta   
  • Katana   
  • Rev Plus STX18L-BS  
  • Rev Plus  
  • Deka  ETX18L 

Equivalent to: YTX18L-BS   ETX18L   Y50-N18L-A-CX      

*Use as general guide only, always check original specifications

Predator X-Series Motorcycle Battery MX18-3

SKU: 12597
    • Brand:     Predator Batteries 
    • Series:    MX Series
    • Model:  MX18-3
    • Type:    Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) with Acid Pack
    • Voltage:    12V
    • CCA:    340Ah
    • Capacity:    20
    • Weight: 7.6
    • Dimensions:   L205 x W90 x H162
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