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Century AGM Deep Cycle batteries utilise the latest Absorbed Glass Mat technology to provide superior cycle life, maximum deep discharge capabilities and durability characteristics.

  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology for superior cycle life
  • Thicker full-frame cast plates for maximum deep discharge capabilities
  • Spill-proof design allows for multi-angle fitment at up to 90-degrees*
  • Exceptional shock and vibration resistance to handle the harshest environments

Century AGM Battery - C12-165XDA

SKU: C12-165XDA
  • Length: 530
    Width: 209
    Height: 214
    Total Height: 219
    Terminal Type: M8 INSERT
    Special Features: AGM, CV, FA, MF, PV, RP, VR 
    Warranty: 24 months
    Conditions apply. Refer to individual warranty statements affixed to each product.
    Volts: 12
    AH: 165
    Weight (kg): 50.00
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