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Product details

Neuton Power Batteries are a South Korean made product, and offer a quality product without getting too costly. With warranties up to 3 years (2 year standard warranty, private use) and a known brand name that has made its mark in widespread commercial applications, you can trust Neuton Power in your car, 4WD, Truck or Machinery.

Neuton Power K Series KN120EN Automotive Battery

    • Length (mm): 514
    • Width: 189
    • Height: 215
    • AH: 145
    • Cold Cranking Amps: 900 CCA
    • EN: 800
    • Reserve Capacity: 260 Minutes
    • Voltage: 12V
    • Terminal Assembly: I
    • Modal / Cross Reference:  N120ENMF(Low)/SN120L(Low)
    • Warranty (Months): 12
    • Weight(kg):35
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