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The VARTA EFB range are higher performance versions of Calcium/Calcium technology batteries to meet the demands of start-stop systems. The advantages of EFB technology include thicker calcium plates and more robust separators allowing for cycling ability. Thicker grids incorporate polyester fibre to enhance paste adhesion providing greater cyclic resistance.


› Excellent charge acceptance

› 2x Longer cycle life when compared with conventional batteries

Varta 55D23L Silver Dynamic Battery

SKU: Q-85/115D23L
  • Specifications:

    • Voltage: 12 Volt
    • Capacity: 70 Ah
    • CCA: 660 A
    • RC: 125
    • Width: 172 mm
    • Length: 229 mm
    • Height: 225 mm
    • Short Code: Q-85/115D23L
    • Weight (kg): 18
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