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Excessive under bonnet temperatures, continuous vibration and impacts from rough roads, and the demand of power-hungry accessories all place extreme demands on the battery. So we design and build our 4x4 & SUV batteries using incredibly robust internal components and advanced manufacturing processes to withstand the challenges of Australia’s extreme off-road conditions.




Manufactured using some of the toughest internal components and materials available in the battery industry. Century heavy duty batteries are designed and built tough to provide superior power and performance in commercial vehicles with high power demand.


  • Exceptional starting power for commercial vehicles with high power demands
  • Thicker plates and denser active material for extra strength and endurance
  • Lower self-discharge and reduced water loss for longer service life
  • Platelock technology reduces movement of internal plates for improved vibration resistance

Century Heavy Duty Battery 8DMF1200 - 1200CCA, 200Ah, MF, 12V - 125111

SKU: 8DMF1200
    • Dimensions

      509 (L) x 274 (W) x 218 (H) x 239 (TH)

    • Warranty

      12 monthsConditions apply. Refer to individual warranty statements affixed to each product.

    • Terminal type


    • Volts


    • CCA


    • RC


    • AH


    • Weight (kg)


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