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Made by world-leading motorcycle battery manufacturers, Predator Motorcycle & Powersport batteries offer the enthusiast a truly world-class battery at a value-for-money price. In addition, the range comes with an Australian-backed 12 months replacement warranty.   

The Ultra hi-performance Predator X-series batteries have been designed to replace American V Twin motorcycles batteries. Because of the higher cranking and non-spill design, they are also perfect for Jet Skies. 

Looking for an economical battery with superior starting power, high reserve capacity and long-lasting life, you can’t surpass the Predator X series. So whether it is out on the open road or the open sea. 



  • American V Twin motorcycles 
  • Powersports 
  • Jet ski’s 
  • High cranking motorcycles 
  • Japanese motorcycles 
  • European motorcycles 


  • SSB HVT-5 
  • SSB  CB16L-A2 
  • SSB CB16CL-B 
  • Rev Plus SVXT-5 
  • Equivalent to: CB16L-A2   CB16CL-B   HVT-5   SVXT-5      

*Use as general guide only, always check original specifications

Predator X-Series Motorcycle Battery MX16-3

SKU: 12600
    • Brand:     Predator Batteries 
    • Series:    MX Series
    • Model:  MX16-3
    • Type:    Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) with Acid Pack
    • Voltage:    12V
    • CCA:    350Ah
    • Capacity:    19
    • Weight: 7.2
    • Dimensions:   L175 x W100 x H155
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