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Product details

Neuton Power Batteries are a South Korean made product, and offer a quality product without getting too costly. With warranties up to 3 years (2 year standard warranty, private use) and a known brand name that has made its mark in widespread commercial applications, you can trust Neuton Power in your car, 4WD, Truck or Machinery.


Key Benefits

Premium Sealed Maintenance Free Automotive Starting Battery suitable for passenger and light commercial vehicle applications. 

  • Completely Maintenance-Free: Sealed so you can “fit and forget”.
  • Full 12 Month Replacement Warranty.
  • High Power Output (High Cold Cranking Amps - CCA).
  • Heavy Duty construction, high quality case with solid carry handle
  • Built-in Indicator for state-of-charge (“magic eye” changes colour).

Neuton Power KDC27/L Deep Cycle Battery

    • Voltage: 12V
    • AH: 105
    • Width: 172
    • Height: 221
    • Length (mm): 303
    • Cold Cranking Amps: 750 CCA
    • Reserve Capacity: 180 Minutes
    • Modal / Cross Reference: DC70/70L
    • Warranty (Months): 12
    • Weight: 22.9
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