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the Lion Din Battery 4PZS620, a high-performance and reliable battery designed for a wide range of industrial applications. With a voltage of 24V and a capacity of 620Ah, this battery provides long-lasting power to keep your equipment running smoothly. Whether for forklifts, golf carts, or other electric vehicles, the Lion Din Battery 4PZS620 is built to handle heavy-duty use and deliver consistent performance. Its maintenance-free design and durable construction make it a cost-effective and convenient option for businesses looking for a dependable power source. Trust in the Lion brand for quality and efficiency, and choose the 4PZS620 for all your battery needs.

Lion Din Battery 4PZS620

SKU: 4PZS620
    • Length (mm): 83
    • Width (mm): 198
    • Height (mm): 719
    • TH (mm): 750
    • Capacity  : 620 AH
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