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The Lion British Standard Battery VCI 440 is a high-quality, reliable battery designed to meet the demands of modern vehicles. With a powerful cranking ability and long service life, this battery is perfect for both domestic and commercial use. Its maintenance-free design and advanced VCI (Voltage Control Indicator) technology ensure that it delivers consistent performance and has a longer lifespan. This battery is also designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions and extreme temperatures, making it a dependable choice for all seasons. Compatible with a wide range of vehicles, the Lion British Standard Battery VCI 440 is the ideal choice for those seeking efficient and long-lasting power for their vehicles.

Lion British Standard Battery VCI 440

SKU: VCI 440
    • Length (mm): 109
    • Width (mm): 158
    • Height (mm): 519
    • TH (mm): 551
    • Capacity  : 440 AH
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