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Made in the USA with a precision-focused manufacturing approach ensuring the process behind the technology delivers critical quality at each stage of the battery production. This process optimises the life, power and durability of the battery’s design and performance. The Deka Intimidator series delivers: › Spill-proof design which provides added safety and protection for sophisticated electronic equipment in traditional and start-stop vehicles › The Intimidator's durability withstands demanding conditions › Faster, more efficient recharging and higher cold temperature performance.


Key Benefits

Featuring heavy duty PowerPerform full-frame plates. • Premium AGM power for optimised starting performance • Fortified posts, straps and welds which resist vibration damage and maximise current transfer • Extra vibration resistance due to optimised component compression • Ultra-pure demineralised electrolyte precision filled for extended life • Enhanced crystallisation of Power-Perform plates provides more power-perpound • Valve Regulated Flame arresting, low pressure, self-sealing valves which are 100% factory tested • Electrolyte suspension system enables a spillproof and leak-proof desig.


SKU: Grp 75/86
  • . Voltage: 12V

    . Capacity: 50Ah

    . RC: 100

    . CCA: 680A

    . Width: 180 mm

    . Length: 248 mm

    . Heigth: 206/225 mm

    . Short Code: 9A35/85

    . Weight Kg: 16.7

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